Aslan Tlebzu - freedom (2018) 192kbps

Circassian National Cultural Project “FREEDOM”

After its successful premiere in Maikop, Adigea, in October 2016, Aslan Tlebzu’s spectacular musical/theatrical show “FREEDOM” will be show-cased at the Musical Theatre in Krasnodar on 19 June 2017 at 19:00.

Presented by “Tlebzu Records” and “Etnica”, the project is the brain-child of the Circassian musician and folklorist Aslan Tlebzu (ЛIыбзыу Аслъан). It aims to promote and disseminate Circassian culture and folklore. The story of the Circassian nation will be related in a fairy-tale manner, utilizing song, dance, instrumental pieces, poetry, etc. Both professional and amateur Circassian ensembles and artists, about 120 people in total, will take part in the grand spectacle. The project is sponsored by the Government of the Republic of Adigea.